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Submitting Tickets via Zendesk

The ZenDesk system will allow you to track tickets you've logged and also see and comment on other issues submitted by your colleagues.  If we've already submitted tickets on your behalf, an account already exists for you.  To log in, visit, click login, and then walk through the password reset steps.  Otherwise, please create a new account.  We strongly recommend having one or two primary points of contact who submit support tickets and help us prioritize all issues.  This ensures one consistent voice in the decision making process.  When you have found an issue in a build, please go to and click on "Submit a request."  This will bring up a support form requesting the following details about the issue: 

  • Your email - please use your work email address so that we can link all of your company's support issues together
  • Device - Choose the device that you found the bug on.  If you can test on multiple devices, please do and  use the "All devices" option if it is on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Subject - The summary should provide a simple, informative summary of the issue.  Please note - we may change this for internal tracking and clarity.
  • Description - Descriptions should include steps to reproduce, the device type and operating system version you're running on, and any other relevant information to recreate the issue.  Context about why this issue needs to be prioritized higher or lower is also helpful.
  • Priority - Please use the following guidelines:

  • Urgent:  The app is not running in production at all, data isn't showing up, no one is able to log in, problems with lead routing, and other business critical issues should be prioritized as urgent.  If you're submitting support requests about a beta, please limit Urgent issues to show stopper issues.

  • High: Must fix before your next launch, but can continue to test around this issue if not fixed in the next build

  • _Normal: _This item is a feature request or a bug that is important but not pressing to have fixed.

  • Low: This is cosmetic or trivial in nature and not a high priority for completion.

  • ***Please note, MRA may change the priority of a ticket after it is submitted based on conversations with key stakeholders

  • Found in:  If you found this issue in an app store build, please select production.  For feature requests and issues found during Customer Acceptance Testing, please choose staging.  

  • Introduced in latest build:  This is an optional field that really helps us isolate problems.  If you know that this issue cropped up in your most recent build, please select Yes here.  

  • Request type:

  • Bug - Something is not working as expected

  • Enhancement - new functionality request

  • Question - Just need clarification on something

  • Maintenance - A third party integration is changing and we need to be aware of, there will be system downtime on your end that we need to work around, or other general platform upgrades or notices that you'd like to inform us about.

  • Attachments - Please provide screenshots walking us through issues and feel free to annotate them with what you'd like to see.  If you're not sure how to take a screenshot on your device, here's  Android instructions and  iOS instructions.  The more pictures the better!

Once a ticket is submitted, you'll be able to review it and all of the other tickets you and your colleagues have submitted through the tabs on the ZenDesk home screen.  If you're interested, you can also opt into being cc'ed on all emails between MRA and your organization.  To do this, go to your organization tab from the ZenDesk home screen, and then click "Subscribe" in the upper right corner.

Abby Allen

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