Share Your Branded Link


Did you know you have a custom link that you can use to share a branded version of your broker app with clients and prospects? It's true! 

 You can share everywhere like:

  • In your email signature
  • On your website
  • On all of your marketing materials 

Anytime someone clicks on your link to download the app, they'll be invited to a special version of the app that is branded to you specifically.

This means your name and picture (as well as your contact information) will always be in your clients and prospects pockets. Anytime someone requests more information or a showing in your branded app, those leads will go directly to you! 

Get Started - Share Your Link!

To find your link, sign into your broker app dashboard and tap on "Share Your App" in the top menu to copy your custom link. 


This is a smart link. That means it knows if someone clicks on it on an iPhone, Android phone, or on the desktop, it will adjust accordingly. 

From Desktop: The user will be prompted to enter in their phone number to get a link to your branded app. Once on their phone, they'll tap on the link and it will automatically push them to the app store to download your branded app. 

From Mobile Device: When someone taps on your link when on a mobile device, they'll be automatically brought to the iTunes app store or the Google Play store to download your branded app. 




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