In-App Messaging


Introducing in-app messaging! Let's check it out in the app with a full walkthrough: 



What's going to change in the app?

You'll see a few changes once we update your app with chat. First, in the app menu, you'll no longer see an option to "Share My App". This will be replaced with the new "Invite To App" which will allow agents and consumers to invite others to the broker branded app by email, posting a message online, or by the new in-app text messaging system.


You'll also notice the menu at the bottom of the map view has changed. The draw tool has now been moved to the left-hand menu (next to the current location, Inrix Drive Time and the satellite view). This is where users will go to find their current conversations in the app. When someone sends them a new message, they'll see a little red dot next to this item, and they'll also receive a push notification and see a notification symbol on the app icon when outside of the app. 



The final place you'll see a difference is from the listing detail page. Users will now have the option to send any property they're viewing in the app right to someone with our in-app messaging. 


Who can see these messages? 

Messages are private. The only users that will be able to view messages you have sent in your app are you and the recipient. Think about these messages like texts, but in your app!


How will I be notified if someone sends me a message in my broker app? 

Your app will ask you to provide permission to send you push notifications, and this is how we'll notify you anytime someone sends you a message.  To make sure you have your push notifications on, here are directions for both Android and iOS: 

On iOS:

1. Tap on setting
2. Search for your broker app in the list of options
3. Tap on notifications
4. Make sure to allow push notifications and turn on banners, lock screens, and sounds.  

On an Android:

1. Tap on settings
2. Tap on notifications
3. Select app notifications
4. Look for your broker app
5. Select the option to turn on notifications

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