How Do I Get More New Users?


The more people on your app, the more inquiries you'll receive and ultimately the more leads you're company will close.  

We've found that the apps with the most agent branding and shares have the most action.  So here are some pointers to get your app in the hands of as many consumers as possible:

1. Highlight on your website. 

Do you have something like this on your website?  Show off your mobile app and highlight it on your website.  These are people who are looking for homes, realtors and great tools to help them. 


2. Agent Personalized URL.

Did you know every one of your agents has a custom URL that they can use for marketing purposes? This custom link will direct buyers to a text download page or the app store, to download agent branded versions of the app. 

What to do with these: 

Every agent at your company should have their custom branded link in their email signature, on their business cards, on all social media profiles, and in all of their marketing materials.  This is a powerful way to get their name, and your brand in the hands of as many home buyers as possible.  


3. Have an in office contest:

The agent with the most downloaded branded versions of the app will win a prize.  Get your agents excited about the mobile app, and incentivize them for sharing it.  The more they share the app- the more your brand is shared. 

Want to know who won the contest? Check out our help center article "How do I find my top branded agent?"

4. Send out a press release, or Facebook ads:

Let your neighborhood know about you app! Home buyers will be able to access the most updated MLS data keeping them looking at the right homes that are available in their community.  

We've found that Facebook ads can drive downloads of your app big time! 

Send out a press release to local media talking about your apps features, how it can help in the home buying process, and where to download. 


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